Miniature designer chair scale 1:12. Painted so lifelike, you can hardly believe they are made of plastic.
There are 6 different series/volumes and a number of exclusive limited editions. The chairs come from Japan.

On the photographs below, several examples:

Available now:
Miniature design chairs volume 6

Now available in the Design Interior Collection: the Mini Chairs.
Mini Chairs                
These are models of designer chairs with scale 2:3 so 66% of the original size.
The Mini Chairs are made of the original materials like chromed metal or leather.
They can bear a weight of 40 kilograms and are therefore well suited for children.

Each chair weighs about 4 kilogram and for example
the black and white leather/chrome chairs above are about 50 cm high.
All chairs are packed individually in a matching cardboard box.