These POP Out World 3D puzzles are made of polystyrene foam that is locked in between 2 layers of printed sturdy paper.

This mix between puzzle and modelbuilding kit is light and can be put together without scissors or glue. The different parts of the 3D puzzle are easily pushed out  of the template. The variety in models make these 3D puzzles very nice for adults, but also very suitable for children.

By using the enclosed manual the puzzle/modelbuilding kit is reasonably easy assembled, although this is dependent on the difficulty of the model. The simple 3D puzzles are suitable for ages 4 years and up, the more difficult ones are for ages 10 years and up. The 3D puzzles are also very useful as educational toys for children.

We have over 70 different types in stock like buildings, trains, animals, Spaceshuttle, etc. The different models vary in size (until 86 cm/34 inches for the Big Ben) and  number of pieces (up to 246 for the Mexico Aztec soccer stadium).

Some examples are:

Architecture: Burj Al Arab, Empire State Building, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Asian temples, Louvre, Castle Neuschwanstein, Tilted tower of Pisa and more.

Animals: two series of 8 or 18 different insects, serie of 5 dinosaurs.

Ships: passengership and different kind of sailingships.

Trains: Train for Magic School, Grand Park Train, a smalltrack train and two locomotives.

Planes: a serie of 10 airplanes and the Wright Flyer.

Various other categories like trucks, space aviation, temples, cardhouses, etc.