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Summary ordering procedure:

Our ordering procedure consists of four (4) steps.

Step 1: You select the "Way of delivery" and "Way of payment" (if applicable you can enter a discount code).
Step 2: You fill in your data and remarks ("Invoice address" and if applicable "Delivery address").
Step 3: You check if all your data is entered correctly.
Step 4: End of ordering procedure, you will receive a confirmation of your order directly by e-mail.

Please check your order below, if correct please click "Order" for step 1.

For your information:
After you have completed your order and look it up again, it might be indicated as "temporarily out of stock",
this is because our online stock is directly updated after your order. It has no effect on your order.

After receiving your order:
If for any reason whatsoever you do not wish to keep a product, you have the right to return the product within fourteen (14) days after delivery to Space & Cartoon Safari.
Returns in this case are only accepted if the packing of the products is undamaged, where as well the costs for the return come at your expense.

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